Product recalls

If a product is found to be faulty and there is a risk it may cause injury, our divisions conduct recalls in line with ACCC guidelines. Information about the product recalls conducted during the 2023 financial year is provided below.


Bunnings implemented two product safety recalls in relation to its direct sourced product range, led by the supplier. Bunnings supported 15 third-party suppliers to implement their own product recalls related to electrical, power tools, batteries, cleaning, woodcare, paint, pest control, trolley jacks, load restraints, water filters and external doors.

Kmart Group


Kmart conducted three own-brand product recalls and one supplier product safety recall. The three own- brand product recalls were:

  • Teething llamas sold between April 2022 – Oct 2022 – recalled due to product safety risks
  • Kids digital watches sold between October 2022 – April 2023 – recalled due to non-compliance with the button battery standard
  • Marmo lamps available at Kmart between 2016 – 2019 – recalled as a precautionary measure applying to limited keycodes due to power cord issues. 


Target conducted two own-brand products recalls. The two own brand recalls which were:

  • Arlo bar stool: – recalled due to risk of the stool collapsing when weight is applied to the stool during use
  • Children’s nightwear:  – recalled due to non-compliance with the sizing requirements of the mandatory safety standard for children’s nightwear.

Continual improvement assessments were undertaken following these recalls, which resulted in refinement of Target’s processes against the sizing requirements within the mandatory standard for nightwear for children, reviewing buying processes, and identifying the compliance accountabilities by role.


Officeworks did not conduct any product recalls on its own-brand products during the year. Recalls were supported for non own-brand products.

Chemicals, Energy and Fertilisers

WesCEF had no product recalls during the year.

Industrial and Safety

WIS had no own-brand product or non own-brand product recalls during the year. Where supplier products are subject to recalls, Blackwoods, Bullivants and NZ Safety Blackwoods publish recall notices on their websites.

Wesfarmers Health

Wesfarmers Health conducted one own-brand good recall, which was

  • Making Life Easy crutches product – recalled due to potential safety issues.

Customers were informed via recall notices displayed on the Making Life Easy website, published in ‘The Australian’ newspaper and via social media. All other recalls were supplier and Therapeutic Goods Administration initiated.


Catch had no own-brand product recalls during the year.



GRI 3-3, GRI 416-1, GRI 417-1, GRI 413-2