Officeworks - Data privacy and security for ethical use of data

Officeworks recognises the importance data governance plays in today's digital world and understands customer privacy and ethical data practices are fundamental to building trust and fostering long-term relationships with customers, team members and partners. 

Officeworks continually enhances its data governance frameworks, developing continuous improvement roadmaps and investing in data governance and protection measures to protect personal information.  

In line with customer expectations, Officeworks continues to assess and improve its data governance practices by adapting to the evolving regulatory landscape, cyber threats, and emerging technological advancements.  

Officeworks continues to strengthen and manage its data governance in line with customer expectations and is committed to safeguarding their privacy rights. This includes adhering to privacy regulations, such as the Australian Privacy Principals, and continuously updating policies to align with evolving customer expectations and legislative requirements.  

Officeworks has a Data and Privacy Governance Council whose mission is to ensure Officeworks data assets are optimised, effectively managed, secured, compliant and used responsibly and ethically. This mission is achieved by ensuring Officeworks has appropriate systems and human resources in place, while establishing and enforcing policies, procedures and standards that govern the collection, storage, use, destruction and sharing of data across the Officeworks business.  

Its enhanced data governance framework reflects Officeworks’ commitment to ensuring customer privacy, ethical data practices and enhancing the overall customer shopping experience. By upholding high standards of data governance, Officeworks can ensure its customers' personal information remains secure, trust is maintained, and interactions with its brand are enriched.