Team member engagement

At Wesfarmers, we believe engaged teams enable divisional performance and shareholder return. We survey team members across the Group to determine levels of engagement annually – through full engagement surveys and targeted pulse surveys. We follow up with action plans to respond to survey feedback, recognising and building on strengths and addressing areas for improvement. The results of the engagement surveys and the progress on action plans are shared with team members. Overall, engagement scores remained relatively stable over the last year (all within +/- five per cent), with Wesfarmers team members showing levels of engagement broadly on par with Australian benchmarks1. In particular, engagement results for 2022 reflected strengths in health and safety confidence, genuine care for team member wellbeing and diversity, inclusion and belonging.

 1 Benchmark 69 per cent, – Culture Amp Australia 1000+ all industries January 2022 to December 2022.



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