Leadership Team

Rob Scott

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Wesfarmers

Rob was appointed Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Wesfarmers in November 2017 following his appointment as Deputy Chief Executive Officer in February 2017. Prior to this, he was Managing Director of the Wesfarmers Industrials division Read profile.

Anthony Gianotti

Chief Financial Officer, Wesfarmers

Anthony was appointed Chief Financial Officer of Wesfarmers in November 2017 following his appointment as Deputy Chief Financial Officer in July 2017. Read profile.

Maya vanden Driesen

Group General Counsel, Wesfarmers

Maya has been with Wesfarmers since 1993, and was appointed Group General Counsel of Wesfarmers Limited in January 2015. Read profile.

Sheldon Renkema

Executive General Manager, Company Secretariat

Sheldon was appointed Executive General Manager, Company Secretariat in October 2023 and is the Company Secretary of Wesfarmers. Read profile.

Michael Schneider

Managing Director, Bunnings Group

Michael was appointed Managing Director, Bunnings Group in May 2017 following his appointment as Managing Director, Bunnings Australia & New Zealand in March 2016. Read profile.

Ian Bailey

Managing Director, Kmart Group

Ian was appointed Managing Director, Kmart in February 2016 and assumed the responsibility for leading the Kmart Group division in November 2018. Read profile.

Sarah Hunter

Managing Director, Officeworks

Sarah was appointed Managing Director, Officeworks in January 2019. Prior to this, Sarah was the Demerger Program Director, overseeing the successful implementation of the demerger of the Coles business from Wesfarmers in 2018. Read profile.

Ian Hansen

Managing Director, Wesfarmers Chemicals, Energy & Fertilisers

Ian has led the Wesfarmers Chemicals, Energy & Fertilisers (WesCEF) division since July 2016. Read profile.

Jenny Bryant

Chief Human Resources Officer, Wesfarmers

Jenny was appointed as Chief Human Resources Officer in October 2016. She joined Wesfarmers in 2011 as the Human Resources Director, Coles and held this role until 2015 when she took on the role of Business Development Director, Coles. Read profile.

Tim Bult

Managing Director, Wesfarmers Industrial & Safety

Tim was appointed Managing Director of Wesfarmers Industrial & Safety in April 2020. Read profile.

Naomi Flutter

Executive General Manager, Corporate Affairs, Wesfarmers

Naomi joined Wesfarmers as Executive General Manager, Corporate Affairs in August 2018. Before Wesfarmers, Naomi worked for Deutsche Bank for 20 years in public sector mergers and acquisitions, equity capital markets and business management. Read profile.

Nicole Sheffield

Managing Director, Wesfarmers OneDigital

Nicole was appointed Managing Director, Wesfarmers OneDigital in November 2021, and leads the development of Wesfarmers’ Group-wide data and digital ecosystem. Read profile.

Emily Amos

Managing Director, Wesfarmers Health

Emily was appointed Managing Director Wesfarmers Health in April 2022, following Wesfarmers’ acquisition of Australian Pharmaceutical Industries Limited in 2022. Read profile.

Michael Britton

Executive General Manager, Business Development

Michael joined Wesfarmers in March 2023 in the role of Executive General Manager Business Development. Read profile.