Working at Wesfarmers

We believe the only true sustainable advantage is the quality and performance of our people. Each Wesfarmers division operates as a separate business and therefore has a distinct culture. However, there are four core values that drive all of our businesses and shape our culture as a whole:

Our values


  • Acting ethically in all dealings.


  • Openness and honesty in reporting, feedback and ideas.
  • Accept that people make mistakes and seek to learn from them.


  • Significant delegation of authority and decision making to divisions.
  • Accountability for performance.
  • Protect and enhance our reputation

Entrepreneurial Spirit

  • Prepared to take calculated risk and highly commercial.
  • Making things happen, seeking out value-accretive opportunities.
Wesfarmers recognises the identification and development of talent as an investment with expected returns not only for the business, but also for our people.

We value people with demonstrated talent in three key areas:

Being commercial

Delivering financial returns today and into the future
  • Achieving sustainable financial performance, balancing today and tomorrow.
  • Applying customer and market insight to drive decisions and plans.
  • Demonstrating entrepreneurial initiative for commercial advantage.

Delivering results

Making it happen in the right way
  • Driving results through goals, prioritised activity and pace.
  • Leading and thriving in change.
  • Keeping our people and our reputation safe.

Engaging people

Bringing the best out of self and others

  • Inspiring team through clarity, trust, challenge and support.
  • Developing self and others to achieve high performance and growth
  • Leading collaboratively across networks/teams to harness diverse capabilities