Wesfarmers OneDigital - Customer trust

OneDigital data privacy 

OneDigital recognises the need to maintain and build trust with its customers and stakeholders in how it collects, stores and uses data, particularly, personal information. The division is committed to being a trusted and responsible custodian of the data it holds.  

Data privacy is increasingly important for OneDigital, due to the nature of information it holds including personal information collected through its OnePass subscription service; the unique scale and diversity of Wesfarmers Group data it manages through OneData; and the ongoing responsibility involved in handling customer information through the Catch online marketplace. 

Actions in the 2023 financial year focused on educational activities to ensure team members remain aware of the division’s obligations regarding safeguarding personal information and reinforcing OneDigital’s and Wesfarmers’ commitment and action to protecting data and privacy. This included providing basic and pragmatic ways to build trust with members and customers in relation to handling their personal information. 

Highlights in the 2023 financial year include: 

  • OnePass was an official supporter of Privacy Awareness Week (PAW) – an annual event led by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner to raise awareness of privacy issues and the importance of protecting personal information.
  • The OneDigital Privacy and Customer Trust team hosted a PAW panel discussion and networking event featuring experts from across the Wesfarmers Group, who were joined by team members across other Wesfarmers divisions. The panel discussion took a fun and informative approach in offering 'how to' advice and practical tools on upholding customer trust and the OnePass Privacy Promise
  • A new Privacy 101 Fundamentals training module was launched covering topics such as the importance of privacy, identification and response to potential data breaches, and setting expectations for team members about what they can do to help OneDigital meet its customer expectations and regulatory obligations. 

 Catch product safety and compliance 

As an Australian-owned and operated shopping platform, Catch aims to provide Australians with access to well-priced, quality products while ensuring its customers are satisfied. 

Catch’s product safety and compliance commitments reflect and embrace Wesfarmers’ product safety and compliance position ‘…that products are safe and reliable, and that they comply with all relevant standards…’ As part of this commitment, Wesfarmers’ divisions collaborate to share best practice product quality and safety learnings through a quarterly product safety forum. 

Catch, as a signatory to the ACCC Product Safety Pledge, makes a commitment to monitor the product safety and compliance of products listed on the Catch platform. Catch provides an annual pledge update to the ACCC and meets twice a year to discuss emerging issues and process improvements. Catch is continually developing similar relationships with other lead regulators, such as the Therapeutic Goods Administration and electrical and gas products regulators.  

Catch employs product safety professionals to oversee its compliance procedures. With years of experience within retail product safety, as sitting members on relevant Australian Standards committees and as active participants in the product safety community, these team members help shape and improve the procedures for ensuring safe and compliant products are listed on the Catch platform.  

It is through these connections that the Catch Compliance team remains aware of emerging issues (for example, the introduction of button battery safety standards) and ensures all involved parties (buyers, suppliers and sellers) are informed of and/or trained on the product safety requirements.