Bunnings - Human rights


Bunnings is committed to driving a culture of care, integrity, respect and teamwork that empowers workers across its global supply chain network.  

Bunnings’ Ethical Sourcing Program is based on the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, in recognition of the role it plays in supporting and protecting human rights globally. Bunnings works to uphold human rights through clear expectations in supplier trading terms, monitoring working conditions of high-risk supply chains via supplier assessments, third-party audits and worker voice initiatives. 

During the 2023 financial year, Bunnings conducted more than 950 pre-qualification risk assessments of suppliers and tier one manufacturers and completed more than 530 independent third-party audits throughout the supply chain. In response to these activities, Bunnings supported 235 manufacturing sites to remediate more than 1,400 identified non-conformances, which improved working conditions for more than 70,000 workers in 18 countries.   

Bunnings continued to focus on worker voice initiatives during the year. It expanded the Your Voice, Worker Helpline to an additional 156 sites in China and Vietnam, and launched the program at one site in Indonesia. Across the network, the Helpline service is live in 266 sites, providing more than 66,000 workers with a secure and confidential channel to raise concerns about pay or working conditions.  

In addition, Bunnings launched the Your Voice, Worker Call-Back service, which facilitates confidential phone interviews with factory workers. This service enables workers to provide feedback and raise concerns about their living or working conditions in a private setting and in their native language. The service was expanded to 14 factories during the year and interviewed 130 workers, with no critical incidents identified.  

In the coming year, Bunnings will continue to strengthen and expand its Ethical Sourcing Program to support its long-term objective of ensuring human rights due diligence across the supply chain.