Anti-bribery policy


Wesfarmers is committed to acting in an honest and ethical manner, consistent with our core values of integrity and accountability.

Bribery, corruption and related improper conduct are serious criminal offences for the company and any individuals involved and undermine confidence among stakeholders and in long-term financial performance. Such conduct is also inconsistent with Wesfarmers’ values and our Anti-bribery Policy, which prohibits anyone who works for the Wesfarmers Group, including Directors, team members, contractors, agents, consultants and other intermediaries, from engaging in such conduct. The policy describes prohibited conduct and the consequences of engaging in such conduct.

Whistleblower reporting

Wesfarmers' Corporate Office and divisions all have whistleblower policies and reporting channels, such as protected disclosure officers and externally hosted hotlines, through which people can report anonymously. We have processes for reporting the reports, investigating, where appropriate responding to the whistleblower, finalising reports and implementing actions if necessary. Most reports this year were related to alleged workplace grievances, harassment, discrimination or bullying issues. Other reports concerned potential breaches of divisional Codes of Conduct, potential fraud, theft or alleged dishonest conduct, safety issues and concerns about supplier conduct. All reports assessed under the Whistleblower Policy were investigated. Action was taken in response to substantiated reports, including providing training and coaching, issuing a formal warning, or where appropriate, termination of employment or contract . It should be noted that a number of matters are still under investigation but will be reported.


GRI 3-3, GRI 406-1