Wesfarmers Health - Product quality and safety of own-brand products


Wesfarmers Health is committed to the quality and safety of its products, to fulfil its legal responsibilities under industrial requirements and procedures and to protect the health and safety of its customers. 

Governing policy and regimes

Wesfarmers Health own-brand products fall into the categories of health and beauty.

With the Wesfarmers Health Recall Policy and Procedure in place, the business works closely with its suppliers to ensure its health and beauty products comply with relevant regulations and authorities. 

  1. Health

Health-related own-brand products, which are over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, sunscreens and medical devices are governed under the regulatory requirements of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). These regulations include:

  • scheduling of medicines according to the Standard for Uniform Scheduling of Medicines and Poisons
  • manufacturing of products under the Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP). 
  1. Beauty

Beauty-related own-brand products are regulated through applicable Australian and/or International Standards (AS/ISO). If products are classified as cosmetic, they are also governed by the regulatory requirements of the Australian Industrial Chemicals Scheme.

Products must meet the product safety requirements of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Supplier engagement

Wesfarmers Health own-brand product suppliers are required to undergo a clearance process through the TGA (GMP clearance process). These GMP licences are renewed as per TGA guidelines periodically. Visual quality checks are conducted for own-brand health products that are listed under the TGA. A certificate of analysis is checked against finished product specifications for medicinal products prior to release for distribution.

The business also undertakes own-brand product testing against AS/ISO standards when necessary to ensure they meet Australian requirements.

Products recalls

Wesfarmers Health takes product safety seriously and promptly initiates recalls when products are found to be faulty or there is a risk a product may cause injury or illness. The division reports all product safety incidents in compliance with the law. Product recalls follow TGA and ACCC guidelines.