Wesfarmers OneDigital - Health, safety and wellbeing

OneDigital is committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of its team members and creating an environment where team members are safe and supported in every aspect of their health, safety and wellbeing.

Achievements in the financial year include: 

  • Catch achieved a total recordable injury frequency rate (TRIFR) of 4.7. The implementation of the CatchSAFE Safety Management System (SMS) has continued to ensure a strong focus on continuous improvement and effectiveness of safety standards and safety maturity. Catch’s Safety System (DoneSAFE) resulted in the capture of 749 hazards and 757 behaviour-based safety observations. The system is an enabler to risk analysis as well as improving safety maturity of Catch operations.
  • Catch implemented of an operations safety rhythm and behaviour-based safety framework to empower leaders to maintain a safer workplace and to increase team member engagement.
  • Integration of OneDigital into the CatchSAFE Safety Management System was completed, providing continuous improvement and effectiveness of safety standards and safety maturity, maximising reporting efficiency on safety hazards and incidents, and enabling detailed reports by division and reporting for OneDigital in the 2024 financial year.  
  • In OneDigital (OnePass/OneData) and Catch’s May 2023 team engagement surveys, respondents indicated high confidence in their knowledge of health, safety and wellbeing practices with 92 and 89 per cent at OneDigital and Catch respectively.  
  • The OneDigital Domestic and Family Violence Support Policy was launched in December 2022 to deliver support and workplace flexibility options to team members impacted by domestic and family violence, including paid leave, flexible working, safety planning and counselling and support services. 
  • The Thrive Wellbeing program delivered eight targeted sessions to enhance the health, safety and wellbeing of team members. Themes included nutrition, mental health, motivation and sleep.  
  • First aid training was provided to 21 team members based at the One Digital Melbourne support centre office to teach essential lifesaving skills for home and the workplace. 
  • Other safety and wellbeing initiatives, included skin cancer screenings, flu vaccinations and the Employee Assistance Program, which offers a confidential employee assistance counselling service available 24/7 to our team members and their immediate families.


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