WesCEF - Chemical safety

WesCEF adheres to strict safety procedures and Australian regulatory standards in the handling, managing and storing of hazardous chemicals. These are essential to mitigating risks to team member and community health and safety, as well as the environment.

WesCEF has years of experience in manufacturing, storing and distributing hazardous chemicals and as a result, has a mature hazard reporting system that is accessible to all site team members. The system enables team members to proactively identify and record hazards, enabling corrective actions to be implemented to avoid an incident involving an uncontrolled release of a chemical.

WesCEF’s hygiene monitoring program ensures that if there is a potential team member exposure to hazardous chemicals, appropriate control measures are identified and implemented. This may include additional personal protective equipment being worn, additional health monitoring conducted or an engineering solution implemented to eliminate the risk.

Other components in the reliable and effective containment and control of chemicals are the inspection and maintenance programs for WesCEF’s process plants. On a weekly basis, preventative maintenance works are undertaken on plant equipment and parts to avoid unplanned downtime, keep production on schedule and ensure a safe operating environment for team members.